A PMP Certification can Advance Project Management Careers

The Project Management Professional, or PMP, certification is very valuable. It can open doors for someone who wants to advance in a business career. That’s why the testing process is so rigorous. Businesses know that employees and applicants who have passed the exam have what it takes to manage any project assigned to them. There are a few things someone interested in working in this field should do before scheduling their exam.

Gain Experience

Project management experience is a requirement for the PMP credential and must be documented on the test application. Project managers lead teams to complete projects within the budget, schedule and scope. Many project managers are hired by their company for other roles and land in that position later. Before applying for the exam, project managers must have spent at least 7,500 hours leading projects. Test applicants who have a bachelor’s degree only need 4,500 hours. Although they may not need the certification to perform their current role, it could help them advance in other Project Management Careers.

Take Classes

In addition to working in the field, project managers must have at least 35 hours of education dedicated to project management. The time spent in a classroom is important because it helps people learn the proper steps to managing a project. Although their job might recommend skipping steps, those who take and pass these classes understand the way the process works and can ensure each project they are assigned to manage is done correctly.


The test isn’t easy. Before taking the test, it’s important to review the terminology and reread the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Those who have worked in the field for quite some time could benefit from reviewing the PMBOK. People tend to form habits in their jobs that take them away from the steps they learned in the beginning. The PMP certification test is 200 multiple choice questions related to the proper process.

Project management is a great career that allows professionals to show their organization and negotiation skills. People who perform this role well can get certified as a project management professional if they are able to pass the rigorous exam.