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When Seeking Accounting and Finance Jobs, St. Louis Gen Z Members Prize Three Things

Employers throughout the St. Louis area are having difficulty filling some of their most important positions. When it comes to accounting and finance jobs St. Louis companies, for instance, are consistently taking many months to hire workers who have the skills they require.

Businesses that find themselves struggling to attract the right talent can always make things easier on themselves. An article that was recently posted online, for instance, reveals several ways by which companies in St. Louis can make their accounting and finance openings more appealing to Gen Z workers.

Hiring Gen Z Accounting and Finance Workers is a Top Priority for Many Companies

It is no secret that jobs tend to be a lot less stable than in the past, with the average worker now being likely to hold positions with many companies over the course of a career. Businesses in St. Louis, though, still do well to aim for a measure of stability so as to limit the costs and difficulties associated with excessive turnover.

That is especially true of accounting and finance, where flux in the ranks tends to be even more expensive than the norm. Companies that do a good job of recruiting and retaining younger workers for such functions will inevitably benefit in a variety of ways.

As a result, many organizations in St. Louis today are striving to attract members of Gen Z who are just getting ready to become accounting and finance professionals. Doing so and keeping such workers engaged for years to come can make running a business a lot easier.

Making Accounting and Finance Positions More Attractive to Gen Z Workers

Fortunately, it has become quite clear that most Gen Z workers tend to prioritize more or less the same things. Businesses that recognize and respect these facts can count on improved recruiting and retention results.

Gen Z professionals, for instance, consistently report that meaningful work is important to them. Allowing accounting specialists to get a feeling for the overall impact of their effort can make it easier to hire and retain members of Gen Z.

The same goes for other desirable traits like financial security and flexibility. Businesses that make sure their accounting and finance positions provide plenty of these assets will have an easier time hiring Gen Z workers.

Filling Accounting and Finance Staffing Positions May Require Changes to the Hiring Process

There are times when a company finds it difficult to fill open positions within their organization. If the process is long and drawn out, suitable candidates may secure employment elsewhere, leaving the company to start the process over. As there is a skill shortage when it comes to Accounting and Finance Staffing, business owners need to find a way to streamline the hiring process while still ensuring the right candidate is secured for the position. Following are some ways to achieve this goal.

Expand the Candidate Pool

Often, companies look to a small candidate pool to fill the position. It’s time to broaden this pool and look for individuals who possess most of the skills needed. The goal is to find a person who can fulfill most of the duties now and gain the necessary skills with time. Look at the talent as opposed to the skill set to fill open positions in less time. An employee who is flexible and willing to learn will be of benefit to the organization now and in the future.

Consider the Role of the Employee

Many employers post a job listing with exact requirements. As a result, numerous people feel they aren’t suitable for the job and never both to apply. The company may then miss out on the perfect candidate. Try to find someone with suitable skills that can be used in a wide range of positions and train them to take on new skills that are adjacent to ones they already possess.

Make Training and Development a Priority

Employees, when searching for a job, look for a company that allows them to grow and further their career. In fact, many individuals choose to leave a company as they feel they don’t have enough career opportunities. Make certain the company offers numerous training and development opportunities for existing and potential employees to attract better talent.

Evaluate the current hiring strategy to see if it attracts outstanding talent. If this strategy is lacking in one or more areas, changes need to be made. Companies that are willing to take this step find their organization benefits in a number of ways.

How to Find the Best Accounting and Finance Jobs Chicago

Beginning a career in finance is a smart move. Not only is the industry in high demand right now, but experts predict there will be an abundance of jobs available in the future. Anyone looking for employment in this sector should use these tips to find the best accounting and finance jobs Chicago.

Network Online

The use of social media has completely changed how people look for a job. It’s easier to land an interview if a potential candidate has a few connections. Networking with others in the industry is one of the best ways to get a foot in the door.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Both individuals and companies rely on Facebook to network. LinkedIn is another helpful social media site for job seekers. This site helps candidates with specific education and work backgrounds connect with like-minded businesses.

Attend Seminars

Meeting people face-to-face is another excellent way to find a job in accounting. However, if someone doesn’t have any local contacts, they may find it challenging to connect with others in the industry. That’s why experts recommend attending a few seminars.

Every seminar has a different purpose. Some events offer additional training and certification that will make a person more desirable to recruiters. Others merely exist to help match job seekers with companies. Attend as many seminars as possible to build an impressive portfolio.

Work Temp Jobs

Some of the best jobs are never advertised to the general public. Many finance jobs begin as temporary positions. If a company needs a short-term employee, they may work with a local recruiting service to fill the position.

Accepting temporary employment helps workers gain valuable experience in the field. These short-term positions also help workers get to know companies within their area of expertise. In some instances, a business owner may offer a full-time job to a hard-working individual at the end of the temp assignment.

Landing a new job is both exciting and rewarding. However, finding open positions is not always easy. Be sure to think outside the box to make sure you don’t miss out on a great job opportunity.

Reasons to Consider a Career in Project Management

Project managers are in high demand. These professionals work in a variety of industries and play an invaluable role in the planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific tasks and goals for their companies. Read on to find out about just a few of the reasons so many people are already pursuing Project Management Careers for help with deciding if Project Management Professional (PMP) training might be a good next step.

Growing Demand

Project management is one of the fastest-growing professions across the globe. As technology advances and global markets continue to expand, there will only be more demand for qualified professionals to fill project management roles. Experts estimate that there will be over 15 million project managers working in a wide variety of industries by the year 2020, so now is the perfect time to pursue a career in this rewarding field.

High Earning Potential

While salaries for project managers vary between companies, average entry-level yearly salaries are approaching $60,000. Those who earn their PMP certifications can expect an average increase in their salaries of 16% and, as new PMPs gain experience, they’ll be able to further increase their earning potential. There’s plenty of room for moving up the career ladder.

Plenty of Options

Most people associate project management with the IT industry, but plenty of non-IT companies hire PMPs. Businesses as diverse as financial service providers, oil and gas companies, and business and consultancy services all routinely hire project managers. This makes it possible for just about any PMP to find work that is both challenging and rewarding in the field of his or her choice.

Constant Learning

Project managers need to continue learning and improving every year they’re on the job and that self-improvement makes for a rewarding career. From certification courses to workshops, seminars, and online chats, project managers have plenty of resources available to them for learning new skills and refreshing their current ones. Motivated professionals find the opportunity to continue to learn and progress rewarding.

The Bottom Line

Project managers are paid well to perform diverse, rewarding tasks in an array of industries. Right now, PMPs are in high demand. It’s the perfect time to consider taking a certification course and applying for a project manager position.