Charitable Organizations Pitch in After Hurricanes Cause Substantial Damage

After hurricanes caused devastation on the island of St. Croix in 2017, business owner Kirk Chewning and his partner knew they had to do something for the residents. Their management consulting company employs some of those residents, after all, and the business is part of the community of Christiansted. The charitable arm of Cane Bay Partners was soon developed and put into action, with the name Cane Bay Cares indicating its purpose.

Unpredictable Storm Progress

Hurricanes are notoriously difficult to predict in regard to the track they take. This can leave residents of places at risk of hurricanes scrambling to get their buildings protected before they take flight. Shuttering or boarding up the windows is an essential preventive effort, since rain and debris blowing in through broken windows causes substantial damage. Unfortunately, much of the storm’s impact cannot be prevented effectively even with more accurate predictions.

Understanding Imprecision

Weather forecasts can never be accepted as absolute truth as meteorology is somewhat of an exact science. Everyone must remember that forecasting has become much more precise, but paradoxically, that can make it seem more inaccurate. When meteorologists predict that a storm will make landfall as a category 3 and it instead builds momentum, area residents are dismayed. However, before the 1970s, hurricanes were not even categorized this way. It was much more difficult to know what to expect.

A Plan of Action

Anyone who lives in an area that might possibly be hit by a hurricane one day should at least have a plan of action. This is especially important for residents of places that experience tropical storms and hurricanes more than once every few decades. That characterizes the U.S. Virgin Islands. Even when those storms don’t make a direct hit, residents still have to deal with strong winds and a great deal of rain.

A Significant Struggle

When island residents have to live without electrical power for weeks or even months, life becomes a significant struggle. The situation is even worse when part of the roof has blown off and other building damage has occurred. Organizations like Cane Bay Cares pitch in to provide assistance.