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The 10 Best Web Designs That Are Trending in 2019

The technology in the digital marketing industry is ever changing and the competition is very stiff between marketers. With many sites popping up when you search for a product the business get worried about whether their sites will be among the first to pop up for the clients to find them. This tells you that for you to be able to meet the business goals you have to monitor the changes in website designs and ensure you change accordingly if you want to be relevant in the competition. The nature of customers can guide you on how to modernize your website but still you have to update it if you want to be top ranked by the Google. If you want to know of the 10 web designs trends that have been realized in 2019, then don’t move.

The first web design is the mobile-centric. In the past years, customers would use their desktops to search for services but this number is decreasing with many visitors using their mobiles to visit different sites. With this trends in site users, Google has changed to make sure the websites that are accessible through mobile are the first to be ranked. Therefore as a marketer you have to consider making your site mobile friendly as it makes the customers spend more time on your site as they are on the go.

Mind about the personalized illustration designs. The current trend is that customers are being attracted to personalized graphics that are hand drawn then the digitalized ones. It’s good you hire a professional designer to make your drawing so that they will be attractive.

The other thing is to have a responsive design. It’s good you make your website can accommodate the changes on the browser screen so that the visitors can enjoy using it. If your website remains the same on different screens it means some features will be visible hence the site user will not be able to do anything with it.

Then you should consider using brighter and attention-grabbing color. If you use the orange, red or yellow color on your page gives the visitors an urge to check your site.

Then you should ensure you make use of videos. Like you see or hear of a video clip on Facebook or Instagram the same way your brand will go viral if you use an eye-catching the video for your brand.

You should avoid using complicated layouts. When you use simple designs you spend less time to design them and also make it easy for your site visitors to understand your design.

Your fonts and images should be related perfectly and show professionalism. The trend requires you also to make use of unique site design, genuine photos and also use retro typography.