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Various Signs of Low Testosterone Levels in Women

In general, testosterone is normally referred to as a male hormone. As a result of being made by the men’s testicle, it is the reason it is commonly known as a male hormone. The man use of testosterone in males is or sexual, body and reproductive growth. Testosterone production n females take place in the ovaries, and it happens to be in a small amount. unsurprisingly, testosterone production gets higher during puberty, as well as pregnancy, but decreases with menopause and age.

Energy levels, mood as well as libido are some of the undesirable effects that low testosterone levels in women bring about. Maintaining healthy levels of the testosterone levels in women is highly crucial. The following are signs as well as symptoms that you have no choice but consulting a medical proficient when you experience to look at your hormone levels.

One of the signs that a woman ought to know that her levels of testosterone are low is fatigue in addition to exhaustion. When there is a drop in the testosterone hormones, a drop on your energy levels is likely to go down. Women with decreases levels of testosterone notice getting tired easily with physical activities that do not typically cause fatigue or getting exhausted too soon. In the case you find it difficult to sleep during the night do not assume that it is exhaustion, but rather be assured that it is a sign of low levels of testosterone.

Another sign that a woman is having low levels of testosterone is weight gain and challenges to losing it. When the levels of testosterone are low in a woman, it results in a loss of muscle tissue, and this can be followed by a sudden increase in body fat.

Decreased interest in sex is another sign that the levels of testosterone in a woman is low. In general, there is a good reason as to why testosterone is associated with sex drive. When the levels of this hormone are very low, a woman can have some extreme sexual changes as a result. In addition to that, low levels of this hormone can affect the capability of women having an orgasm.

With low levels of testosterone, hair loss can result. The reason for this is that this hormone is used to support hair production as well as maintenance. If you realize odd anxiety, while you have never had anxiety issues, the chances are that you have testosterone issues. Furthermore, when a woman experiences mood swings, low mood, together with depression, you are likely to find that she has low levels of the testosterone hormone.

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