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The Importance of Regenerative Medicine Today

One of the upcoming field in medicine that you should be aware of is regenerative medicine. It is growing rapidly and will most likely affect the business you do in the following years, if it has not affected you yet. Regenerative medicines are an emerging field of science that is directed towards the repair, regeneration, or replacement of the damaged tissue as well as organs. Regenerative medicine is the procedure of forming working tissues in order to repair or replace the nonfunctional organs or tissues. With the help of regenerative medicines, organs or tissues that have already lost their working power because of multiple reasons such as age, congenital defects, internal and external damage have the chance to be replaced or repaired. Some of the areas in which the regenerative medicines can be implemented and used are in orthopedic, neurology, musculoskeletal disorder, as well as cardiovascular.

The reason why regenerative medicines are popular these days is because if it lives up to its potential, rather than treating diseases, companies who offer this are working on being able to replace, re-engineer or regenerate the human cells, organs or tissues in order to restore or set up normal functioning by targeting the main cause of the disease. This can only mean that there will be no more costly and long term medical treatments in order to fight the disease, which is a huge swift in the industry. Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies with a regenerative medicine focus which ranges from the divisions of multinational corporations to little organizations focused mainly on the sector. Read on below to learn the subsections within the industry.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy deals with the mutated or defective genes that is in need of either correction or better regulation through the insertion of the well-functioning genes into the genes of a patient.

Second: Stem Cells Used for Toxicity Testing, Drug Discovery, and Disease Modeling

Several companies are more and more learning to take advantage of the use of stem cells and living tissue constructs so as to build an in-vitro models that can be used to study the human mechanisms of disease and the impacts of drugs on different cell and tissue types like liver, human heart, and brain cells.


The cell and tissue banks are both gathers, stores, and distributes the biological materials utilized in regenerative medicine, this involve musculoskeletal tissues, adipose tissue, pericardium, bone, skin, cord blood and birth tissues, vascular tissue, and several other biological samples.

The Cell-Based Therapies

Living cells are included into the regenerative medicines in order to attain various positive results which include replacing damaged or diseased cells and tissues that helps the body’s own healing like an immune response or regeneration in disease tissue and supplying genetic or molecular therapies to target.

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