Three Ways Website Designers Can Improve Search Engine Results Rankings

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a proven way to drive more natural, organic traffic to websites. While SEO work can easily involve the production of content or the solicitation of links, website design plays an important role, as well. In fact, making the effort to secure SEO friendly website design services can end up being one of the best ways to ensure a site always has plenty of visitors.

Many Ways to Use Website Design for SEO

Google uses automated tools called “crawlers” to identify and index the billions of web pages that are online at any given time. While these software-based robots are fairly sophisticated, they tend to perform best under fairly controlled circumstances.

When website designers are aware of how Google’s crawlers work and make appropriate adjustments, sites tend to rank higher in the company’s search results. Some of the issues that a website designer can see to in order to improve SEO and rankings include:

  • Organization. The way that pages on a website are structured and linked together will always impact how a search engine views it. Websites that are organized haphazardly and thoughtlessly tend to suffer with regard to their search engine positioning. Strategic, hierarchical organization not only makes a site easier for visitors to navigate, it also ensures that crawlers will be able to carry out their work without trouble.
  • Loading speed. No internet user enjoys being made to wait, and Google accounts for this issue when returning search results. Pages that load more quickly than others tend to feature higher up in the search results than roughly similar ones that are slow. Website designers who always focus on keeping loading times low will make it more likely that a site will appear high up in Google’s results.
  • URLs. The uniform resource locators, or URLs, that serve as addresses for web pages need to be kept simple and meaningful. Even tweaking a site’s URLs slightly will often produce impressive search results ranking improvements.

A More Visible and Valuable Website

Accounting for issues like these when designing a website will make it easier for Google users to find it. That can easily translate into large amounts of desirable traffic that would otherwise have been ceded to competitors.