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Importance of Having an Effective Prayer Life as a Christian

Christians have faith in an immortal God.They believe that this God is the one who created human life to begin with.From this founding parents, the whole population of the world, regardless of race got its life.It is worth noting that the world population is now more than seven and a half billion people.All this people including those who have passed on, have their root from the founding parents.The Christian believers thus give reverence to the God who created them.Many people who profess the Christian faith are at a loss on how to improve their relationship with God.Christian scholars teach that this can only be achieved by praying and reading the bible.This article will deliberate the importance of prayer.

For the Christians, life only starts to make sense when you discover God for yourself.Many people find it strange to relate with a higher power they do not know or see.They just don’t understand how this relationship will work out.Christians believe that the only way to know God is by reading his word which is the bible.

It is this bible that teaches the Christians the value of praying.For the believers, prayer is the only way to establish communication with God.Through prayer, Christians are convinced they can resolve day to day challenges.They believe their God is able to make clear to them the main reason why they are alive.Many people do not understand how they should pray.The praying believer are always looking for insight on how to make their prayer effective.The truth is that prayer is a simple and humble supplication and submission to a higher power.Christians are encouraged to always pray.

In the Christian faith, the man Jesus Christ is believed to be a manifestation of God on earth.Although Jesus Christ was born just like any other man, he was two in one, that is God and man.Christians are mesmerized by the person of Jesus Christ because of the great supernatural powers that he had.Christians imitate his ways and follow his teachings in order to live as effectively as he did.Since he taught on prayer and had a lifestyle of praying, Christians also pray.Luke chapter five and verse sixteen, indicates that Jesus was in the habit of getting away from people in order to pray.His followers attribute his supernatural ability to his commitment to prayer.Christians pray because they are following the lead of Christ.

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