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For sure by this time, you are already aware of how effective Instagram (IG) in terms of generating visual content for your business. You have seen various Instagram photos on multiple platforms and might have even created your own account. But what you don’t know is that, there’s more to Instagram that you can have than showing your wonderful photos?

With over 300 million active users on a monthly basis, IG has been able to get the interests and attention of people and businesses. If you are a business, then it is extremely important that you are well aware of how to use Instagram marketing service correctly.

Number 1. Connect with clients – IG actually has the most volume of engagement and active user on a monthly basis compared to Twitter and Facebook, which is what most people think when trying to make connections. The fact is, this platform can generate 120x more engagement for every follower in comparison to Twitter.

With this high level of engagement, Instagram serves as the perfect platform in connecting with customers to listen to their opinions and feedback and at the same time, build relationship. Take advantage of the platform to share photos of new product or service and ask people the things they do think about it. Perhaps, you show a sneak peak of the project that you’re working on.

Number 2. Learn what your audience like – you may not know it yet but your audience can be sharing your business and talking about it on IG. This is true most especially if your business has physical location to which customers can visit.

Number 3. Reach broader market – in finding new people, new businesses and new photos, Instagram makes everything a lot easier. And the use of hashtags is one way to which people are able to find new content on this platform. Much like other social networking sites, when someone has added a hashtag on their post, a link will be created and you can see all photos that are using that particular hashtag.

Numerous companies that provide Instagram marketing service is well aware of how to use hashtags to the best of its capability.

Number 4. Fuel your marketing channels – one of the best things when you are creating content in IG is that, it could be shared easily across various marketing channels that you’re using.

Within your IG settings, you may enable social sharing to Twitter and Facebook. Through this, whenever you are posting a new photo to your account, it will be automatically posted to other social media accounts you’re using. You don’t have to do the same thing time and time again with this feature.

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