What Owners Should Know About Fleet Management

In the US, fleet owners follow careful strategies for managing their trucks and complying with regulations. The practices include the use of specialized products that reduce common damage and keep the vehicle operating correctly. Online suppliers provide a wide array of products for maintaining and managing the trucks.

Adding Exhaust Fluid Appropriately

The current regulations specify that the drivers must add at least two gallons of the fluid for every 800 miles. The catalytic reduction systems help the drivers keep track of how much fluid is in the truck. The drivers receive an alert on the dashboard when more fluid is needed. If the driver doesn’t add more fluid, then the truck shuts down before all the fluid is gone. The feature protects the fleet truck from avoidable damage and enforces the proper use of the fluid.

Using Pumps and Containers

The fleet owner must purchase pumps and containers for the exhaust fluid. The equipment makes it easier for the drivers to add fluids as needed. The containers should prevent the fluids from freezing or getting too hot. The fleet owner must review the most recent regulations and determine what equipment is the best choice for their vehicles.

Complying With the Law and Controlling Pollution

Federal laws require the fleet owners to use the diesel exhaust fluid appropriately to control dangerous gas emissions. It is also recommended that the owner should install catalytic reduction systems to ensure proper conversion of the emissions to a safer mixture of water and hydrogen.

Controlling Travel Expenses

By adding the fluid, the drivers control not only the fuel costs, but they reduce maintenance expenses. The fluid prevents serious wear and tear that is probable with fleet trucks that are used regularly. The trucks perform better and last longer, and they also receive more torque.

In the US, fleet owners use diesel exhaust fluids according to current federal laws and regulations. The laws require the drivers to add the fluid at regular intervals and control harmful gas emissions. The owners purchase pumps and containers for storing and distributing the fluids. Fleet owners who want to learn more about fleet management contact a supplier now.