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Advantages of Melatonin

Hormone which is usually called melatonin, is produced primarily in the pineal gland in the brain. It has many functions, and notably controls our circadian rhythms on our body. The circadian rhythms dictates out body of getting tired, sleeping or awake and serves as our internal clock. Triggered by darkness, melatonin usually produced so that our body will get tired and prepared to sleep. However, sleep disturbances may lead people to seek melatonin supplements when the production is in low levels.

Today, in this modern society, the production of melatonin is affected by the abundance sources of lights. Through this, the production of melatonin is decreased and surely be affected. Also, the factors that affects the production of melatonin in our body is the over intake of caffeine and stress.

As the people gets older, the less production of melatonin in the body will be observed. Thus, it resulted to an interference in the production of melatonin that leads to poorer sleep, sleep disturbances or much worse in the insomia. The production of melatonin is lower during the day due to excess sunlight but as night falls on, the tired feelings takes in and cause you to sleep. Tomatoes, olives, cherries, rice and milk are also a good source of melatonin. Aside from being a sleep inducer, melatonin has its advantages, find below some important benefits.

Melatonin receptors are found in the brain, ovaries, blood vessels and intestinal tract. Condition of poorer sleep could trigger an acceleration of ageing. Some study shows that melatonin can be used as an anti-aging agent.

Melatonin also serves and has the ability to protect your heart in many ways. It prevents strokes and heart attacks because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties aside from having a free radical scavenger activity.

There are scientist who believe that melatonin could help alleviate the pain suffered from a migraine patients. It also reduced the the duration of migraine attacks.

Melatonin has an antioxidant properties that could help fight off free radicals and toxins which can damage the cells. Moreover, it is a valuable tool for protecting the alzheimer and parkinson’s disease and improve their symptoms and reduce agitation and confusion.

Supplementary melatonin comes in natural and synthetic forms, and are safe to adults, however, the pregnant and nursing women are prohibited in taking this.

Be sure to have a thorough discussion with your doctor and tell everything about your medical history to ensure the right dosage in taking melatonin. Amrica Vitaminaswill called for more safety measures.