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Radio Advertising an Overlooked Effectvice Marketing Tactic

According to statistics, people spend almost for hours daily listening to music, either on the various music streaming services or on radio.

Contrary to what most people think, radio advertising as a marketing tool is light years far from being obsolete. That is the reason why most companies have the habit of overlooking this highly effective means of advertising.

Many have already consumed some form of radio advertising on their music streaming platform or the radio itself, they just didn’t notice. Want to try radio marketing? Find out more Below

Find Yourself a Good Station

The first and probably most important step in radio advertising is advertising on the right radio station.

To be able to make this work, you must first have a good and deep understanding of the demographic you are catering to. You take into consideration their behavior, when their radio listening hours is, and the genre of music they are in to.
You can just start by airing your advertisement on different radio stations and keep it on the stations that give you the highest number of traction.

Be Frank

You don’t have the time to make a first impression and somehow convince the listeners to stick around.

You need something to grab their attention and make it snappy you need to ask them some questions, tell them statistics that will shock them, or just give them a hook up front.Don’t let even just a fraction of a second of air time go to waste.

Give Them an Exclusive Offer

Give your listeners a radio advertisement only offer, say a special code word on your ad or a promo code, or you can advertise a specific offer or product available only on the radio listeners.

Work With a Professional

If you so wish to give your radio advertisement an even bigger impact, it’s highly advised that you hire a good professional media team.

Agencies will work by casting out a wide blanket and then funnel down and differentiate your markets as well as refining and tweaking your radio ads with regards to sales data plus the consumer feedback.

Professionals will also ramp up your radio advertisement’s production value to the max, something you would not normally be able to easily accomplish by yourself and also give you tips as to how you can make a longer lasting impression.

They might be able to contact some famous singers, voiceover talents, or even celebrities to feature in your advertisement making it stand out among the rest even more.

Think It’s Time To Give Radio Ads a Try?

We really hope that the information above has given you some good insight and somehow convinced you into trying radio advertising.

Just remember to always keep everything short but impactful, and work with professionals whenever you can.