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The Benefits and Types of Door Alarms for the Elderly

Dementia causes gradual deterioration of the ability to think. A person who is not able to think or remember does his/her activities poorly. The main symptoms of dementia are poor communication, aboulia and emotional problems. Many people who have dementia suffer from the Alzheimer’s illness. Family members and caregivers find challenges in taking care of people with dementia especially those with dementia wandering. The symptoms of dementia wandering are going away from home to unknown places irrespective of time. Door alarms have come to rescue those with dementia wandering. If the door alarm rings, you will know that there is someone who is trying to exit the house. The following is the importance of door alarms for the elderly.

As a caregiver, you are not supposed to lock the door but use an alarm. It not recommendable to use a latch, padlock and other door locking mechanisms since fire may start. A locked door will prevent your grandparent from moving out during fire which may lead to burns, injuries and even death. A door alarm will enable the person suffering from memory loss to escape from the burning house safely. You should not lock a person suffering from dementia inside the house since it makes him/her feel as if he/she is a child.

You need a door alarm to relax at night. A door alarm will eliminate the need of watching people the whole night. Yu will relax at night since the alarm will ring when a person moves to the door. It is also possible to install door alarms outside your bathroom and toilet alarms.

You should choose a door alarm from the following choices.

The Passive Infrared Alarm is the most common door alarm. The PIR alarm will ring even if the door is opened slightly. The alarm can be installed in the inside or the outside. Installing the PIR alarm in the exterior will enable you to know when a person needs to use your house or needs help.

The other major door alarm to monitor the elderly is the string alarm. The string alarm has a string which is connected to a magnet. The alarm rings immediately the connection between the alarm and the string is broken. The string alarm stops ringing after you have attached the string to the magnet.

You can also choose the floor sensors to monitor your grandparents. The alarm has some sensor pads which are placed on the floor near the door. Immediately a person goes next to the door and steps on the pads, the alarm will produce sound.

The magnetic door alarm is also effective in monitoring the old.