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Myths About Scabies and Bedbugs and their Differences

The possibility of having bugs in your home is enough to make you uneasy. Unfortunately, not many people can differentiate bedbugs and scabies. Some people do not know how to deal with these pests. However, it is imperative to stay informed on the ways you can handle the infestation of pets in your house. The internet is the best platform to be informed about these pests. The internet will also guide you on the impact of the bugs on people. When you read the article below, you will be able to distinguish between a bedbug and scabies.

The best way to learn the difference between the two pests is to learn their names. The bedbugs belong to a group called Hemiptera, which means that they are related to aphids. The family of the bedbugs is called Cimicidae. However, scabies belongs to a group called Acari, which is related to mites and ticks. The only thing that these two creatures have in common is that they are parasitic species. A good way to learn the difference between the two pests is their sizes. Bedbugs are bigger than scabies, and you will have a hard time seeing them due to their small size.

The two pests usually feed differently. Bedbugs are notorious for feeding on the naked skin of humans. These pests can feed for ten minutes without creating any attention. The bedbugs can stay for months without feeding again. However, scabies have a different approach of feeding because they burrow in the skin and feed on there. These pests are small, and they can easily suck blood like this. scabies can lay their eggs there and live for a long time within the skin. Both bugs will leave you with marks.

When the bedbugs bite you, you will notice these bites because they usually target the exposed skin of humans. The bites of the bedbugs are mostly red itchy welts. The bites from scabies usually involve red rashes. The most distinguishing places to find this scabies are the armpits, elbows and between the toes. The bites from scabies usually appear after several months. The bites from scabies are itchier compared to the bites of bedbugs. On most occasions, you will not know when the bedbugs attack you because they inject an anesthetic on your body.

You will only comprehend that you have been attacked by scabies by looking at the scars on your body. There are a lot of physical signs to know that you have a bedbug problem. The presence of dark spots of blood on the sheets is a good way to know that you have a bedbug problem. Having a pale skin is another way you can know that you have bedbugs in your house. With bedbugs, you will notice their bodies on your bed.

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