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Tips for Choosing the Right Frequency Converter

You need to first determine the supply voltage of the frequency converter you are considering to purchase. Choosing the right supply voltage is the first step of picking the right frequency converter. Users normally have different interpretation methods of the voltage of the frequency converter. In most cases, users normally supply a unit three-phase unit three hundred and eighty volts alternating current with a 220 VAC three-phase. Delta connection with 220 VAC and motor connection of 380 VAC are the most common two types of three-phase connections. It is wise to seek help from the motor manufacturer if you are not sure which one to use. In most instances, the voltage capacity is normally indicated on the nameplate.

The second factor that ought to be considered while choosing the right frequency converter is the frequency converter horsepower capacity. The best way to choose a frequency converter is to choose it depending on the motor capacity. It is also prudent to keep in mind the current capacity of the motor of the frequency you are considering to purchase. The efficiency of the frequency converter is normally reduced with increased number of poles on the converter that has same capacity as motor. It is important to make sure that you check on the power horse of the frequency converter you are considering to buy.

It is good to be sure of the motor torque requirement when you want to buy a frequency converter. In order to understand how to calculate torque, you can read books or do some research on the internet. You have to understand that normally, full load torque is always produced by a frequency converter to the base frequency of the motor by alternating the voltage in order to produce the required torque.

Another thing that is important when buying a frequency converter is to check on the DC injection braking. The principle behind hoisting application is that no speed is needed for a short time in order for the mechanical brakes to open or close. Frequency converter normally injects the direct current into the motor that helps in the production of torque at zero speed.

Resistive braking also matters in the selection of the frequency converter. When you do not need to activate the voltage protection in order reduce the speed of the motor, you can simply use the resistive braking. Resistive braking is also important in reducing the speed fast and also in the unstable loads.

The cost of the frequency converter is also important. The brand of the frequency converter dictates the cost price of the converter. When you want to choose a frequency converter based on the price, you have to know that quality also matters because the cost is proportional to the quality. It is advisable to choose a frequency converter that has a good reputation in the market.

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