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Here is A Guide on How You Select and Pair Your Shirts

Over the recent years men have taken it higher on how they look and are no longer dressed in the same ,long and boring office shirts for just any occasion, nowadays you will find ,men looking dapper with occasional shirts dressed to kill.

Even if the fashion industry has given a lot of priority on women clothing, men’s shirt have come to play too, there is evidence that men nowadays are spending as much as women on clothing and are quite obsessive with the latest designs and upcoming trends.

The classic shirt is good because it has a broader fitting and it will give room for the chest, arms and the shoulders, it is a must have in the wardrobe for any man.

You need to choose the right pattern and color for the occasion you are dressing for, white is the most common preference but you can opt to switch it to go in line with the kind suit you will be wearing as well as the design, click here and read more now on how to pair clothes.

If you are looking for a shirt for an evening out, white is still popular and then you can be playful with jackets, others may opt to have a darker shirt, take into consideration your features and pick the one that suits you.

Shirts are mostly available in to two basic collar variations, the spread and the point and choosing the right one that suits you appearance and face as well as the occasion can be a hard task when you lack the knowledge.

The most common type of shirt that is worn on many occasions is the point collar, this is where the edges point downwards at a 60 degrees angle and where the behind part covers part of the tie.

There are different types of cuffs and they are best worn for the right occasion, we have the button and the French cuffs, the French cuffs you have to wear cuff links and the button have one or two buttons and are the best formal wears, view here to see more designer shirts for men from this store of Jared Lang Collection for example.

The type of the material for the shirt is another tip to look out for when you are selecting the shirt, is it made of linen or cotton, the cotton shirt is the best since it exhibits heat and it is easy to iron and also the most common for social gatherings, these shirts made of cotton are wrinkle resistant and remains looking good after ironing.

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