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Elements Of A Narcissistic Relationship

A narcissistic relationship is whereby a person in a relationship feels that they are more important than the other and that they are continually showing how important they are in all the activities the couple engages in. A narcissistic person in most cases lacks empathy and in most cases think about themselves and how they should show that people around them how they can triumph them in all activities they partake in at all times. A narcissistic relationship leads to one party feeling lonely and underappreciated as everything they do revolves around the other party and not them. The person in a narcissistic relationship never has time to consider the feelings of their party but rather shows them that they are incompetent and that they cannot survive without them. A narcissistic relationship is not a healthy relationship as it could lead to depression and hence the following are the different one can determine if they are in a narcissistic relationship.

A narcissistic person in most cases they are always charming at first and that is why most people are attracted to them especially in the early days of a relationship. The person can make their partner feel that they are having the best time by making jokes and even constantly texting to check upon them. However, as time goes by the narcissistic person changes and starts blaming their partner for the different disagreements they may have in the relationship. When a disagreement occurs while they are dating a person they are able to pin the mistake on their partner without caring about the effect it may have on them. A narcissistic person views themselves as the most important people and will always look down upon their partner and feel that they are worthless.

A narcissistic person will always force their partners to give them compliments for the different things they may partake in their life. If the partner of the narcissistic person does not offer such compliments they may become angry and even talk bad to them as they feel that they deserve all the compliments that may come from them achieving a certain goal. In some cases, the narcissistic person may seem to be confident while in the real sense they have low self-esteem that is why they need compliments in order to feel good about themselves. The narcissistic person will always put themselves in positions where they receive praise from others and hence makes their partner feel invisible at all times.

A narcissistic relationship can be damaging to the person who is not narcissistic and hence when a person notices they are in a narcissistic relationship they should seek help within the shortest time possible. The narcissistic person needs to understand that they are equal members in a relationship with their partners and hence they should not make them feel any less important. The person needs to be assured that they are good and confident people and hence they do not need to continually assert their position over other people.

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