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Many have heard the gospel and choose to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior but the gospel did not just end there for having Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Because as you receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior you are also making him the Lord over your life which means you are willing to turn away from you sinful nature and live this new life that Jesus Christ gave us through his blood that was shed on the cross more than two thousand years ago as the penalty of every single sin of all people of this world. And all of us can receive this new life with Christ if we hear his words and believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our personal savior.

If you hear the gospel and it does not lead you to realize of your sins and for your being a sinful man or woman, if it does not lead you to ask for the forgiveness of your every single sins that you have committed against God, if it does not lead you to realize that whatever you do you do not have any chance of mending your broken relationship with God because of your sins to our God who is our creator and our provider in everything that we need in life and godliness or righteousness, if it does not lead you to realize that you are hopeless to be able to be united with God again that there is no other way that a man or woman can ever think of to be united with God even if you are a good person, a righteous person, an educated person , or a religious person none of that matters if you are still living in this world as a spiritually dead person it means that you are spiritually separated to our God you who does not receive forgiveness from the greatest gift God can give to each and every individual living in this planet by his grace God has given us the greatest gift that we are not supposed to have but our God heavenly father has freely given us this gift of which is his son Jesus Christ in order to save all those who listens to his words and whole heartedly believe and put their faith and trust in Christ alone our Lord and the one and true God who is able to create all the wonders of this world and the world itself and all magnificent creature in this world from the beginning and that is more than enough to know that God is also able to give us a new life with Christ who saves us from the penalty of sin which is eternal separation with God and to live the life of which the God our Lord .

That is why it is important that every people all over the world should hear about the true gospel specifically about Jesus Christ. And to willingly receive Jesus Christ in their life as their Lord and personal savior and this salvation is seal in us that can never be broken the moment that we receive Christ in our life by the Holy Spirit who guides us to live this new life that is pleasing before the eyes of our God.

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