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Importance of Rotator Cuff Exercises

If you have rotator cuff disorder, then you need to give yourself to exercises in order to treat the condition. A rotator cuff problem comes with pain, weakness, and stiffness in your shoulder. If you visit a doctor, he will recommend to you some exercises that you should try at home together with other treatments. Rest, ice, heat, and medications can be included in these treatments.

AT-home treatments are sometimes sufficient to heal rotator cuff problems. If these in-home treatments do not work for you, then you might have to undergo surgery and other treatments.

Avoid doing motions and activities that will worsen your problems. Stretching your arm towards your back is not good. When you start exercising, you need to be careful. Stop when you need to stop or just slow down.

Exercise is still important even after you have undergone surgery for your rotator cuff problem. In order to get back the strength and flexibility in your shoulder, your doctor and your physical therapist will help you plan an exercise program.

You have to do the recommended exercises properly. You should seek advice from your doctor if you feel pain and discomfort after exercising.

Clicking and popping of your shoulders is not a concern but is normal. Consult your doctor if you feel a grinding feeling in your shoulders. Sore shoulders should be iced after exercise.

Your doctor will recommend stretching exercise for your rotator cuff rehab. The best time to start exercising is 6 weeks after surgery. Stretching exercises can help you shoulders regain its full range of motion before starting your strengthening exercises. You should do stretching exercises at least 5 to 10 times a day.

Strengthening exercises are started slowly as soon as you can do stretching without pain. It is ideal to start your strengthening exercises after 8 weeks. Your exercises should have diagonal motion where your arms start at or stretch from your sides. If you measure the right angle for your movements, it should be 30 degrees to the front of where your arm would be if you raised them straight out to the side.

Your shoulder joint has the main one called the scapula or shoulder blade. The scapular helps to stabilize our shoulders so that it could move well. When pressure is applied on the rotator cuff due to the scapula immobility, then strain is caused to your rotator cuff and surrounding muscles. A tendon will be squeezed and rubbed against the bone if the scapula does not move well. With strengthening exercises for the scapula, your shoulder blade can increase its strength. This will serve as a great help to your rotator cuff.

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