Why Local SEO Makes A HUGE Difference

If you are anything like most business owners, you have a very nice website to highlight your products and services, but for some reason you have very little if any actual sales from your beautiful website. In most cases, the lack of sales can be attributed to lacking or improper SEO or search engine optimization techniques.

Your customers are not going to be typing your web address directly. They must be able to find it in the multitude of search engines and online directories. That is exactly what search engine optimization can accomplish for your business, but how do you reel in all of those local customers? You must hire a company that specializes in local SEO services. Web.com offers local SEO services which are both affordable and effective.

Why Local SEO Matters

Local SEO can makeĀ  a huge impact on your business. With today’s high tech world almost everyone is connected to the Internet at all times. People use their smart phones to help them get around town, but they also use them to help them locate local deals and offers. In fact, 90{9240367ca7c9081b6a95881a33af9ca7e989cb22e61da32c0614062dd38653a2} of local shoppers will look online first. Of that 90{9240367ca7c9081b6a95881a33af9ca7e989cb22e61da32c0614062dd38653a2}, 82{9240367ca7c9081b6a95881a33af9ca7e989cb22e61da32c0614062dd38653a2} will actually follow through and contact a local business. These are extremely powerful statistics that simply can’t be ignored.

Local search results give shoppers much more information than a link to your website. Shoppers also get your phone number. A simple touch of the screen and they can be calling your business, but local searches provide even more information. Shoppers can also be instantly directed right to the front door of your business with interactive maps and GPS coordinates.

It is plainly obvious why local SEO services matter and if your business isn’t using them, then you are giving local business to the competitors who are.