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The Reason as to Why Substance Abuse Education should be Embraced in Schools

Drug abuse refers to the taking of drugs that are not prescribed such as tobacco, cannabis, cocaine among others and the use of alcohol which have an effect on the user’s social, mental and physical well-being. According to the latest surveys, there is a decline in drug abuse in several states. However, most young people are still abusing drugs and alcohol. That calls for a great need to offer education about drug abuse to schools. It is of importance that schools should offer programs on substance abuse to students. Unlike in homes, schools cover the highest number of teenagers, and there is, therefore, an assurance that none will be left out when it comes to substance abuse education.

It is usually hard for most teenagers to get an education on substance abuse somewhere else other than school. In school, discussions can be opened whereby the teenagers express their feels about drug abuse topics which would seem hard to open up to their parents if discussed at home. Young people can share The school programs of most states are schemed in such a way that they offer education to students on substance abuse. In most cases, students are given actual examples during life skill lessons on the bad effects drug abuse poses to human life.

Discipline is a key character learnt in schools which helps most students to refrain from drugs no matter how influencing they may be. Most schools hire professional guidance and counselling personnel who specializes on substance abuse to educate the students on the same. It beats no doubt that drug abuse education given by people who lack the know-how of doing it may bring a negative effect to students in the long run.

Since drug abuse is not allowed in schools, all students can stay away from them a thing that creates a habit to them not to abuse them even in the future. It is through learning institutions that students get to know more on the bad effects drugs have on their lives through carrying out of projects, and this helps them to refrain from them.

Recent research outlines that the youth are the most affected group of people by substance abuse. It will not be effective to give substance abuse education in institutions where teenagers do not make the largest numbers as in schools.

Students adore their teachers more, and they look at them as their role models. It will, therefore, be a success for teachers to administer drug abuse education to learners in schools since there is an assurance that the point will be driven home. Responsibility is a key value taught in schools, and it helps the teenagers to cope with life issues which will only be possible if they avoid drugs. Schools will be the best institutions to carry on the task of educating young people on the issue of drug abuse.

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