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Unsubscribing from Facebook; The Steps to Follow

Among all the social platforms in use today, Facebook happens to be the most preferred by many. Apart from being the most preferred social platform, it is also among the useful sites used by people today. For example, you can chat, discuss and share your moments with family and friends. Despite its usefulness, Facebook can sometimes be a distraction. As you try to catch up with your Facebook friends, the chances are that you will procrastinate your usual workday. Constant updates and notifications can also be a distraction in some cases. To keep off from such distractions, you may consider unsubscribing from Facebook. There other personal issues and concerns such as personal security that may compel a person to consider unsubscribing from Facebook. Below is a brief description on the steps you will need to consider if you want to unsubscribe from Facebook.

The first thing you will need to consider before you can unsubscribe from Facebook is getting to know the difference between account deactivation and account deletion. By deactivating your account, you still get the option of accessing you account if you want. With account deactivation, therefore, you can, at any time, log in and access your Facebook account. When you have deactivated your Facebook account, your profile will not be visible to your friend. Nevertheless, there are some pieces of information that will still be observable. For example, messages sent will still be seen by your friends. Deleting means that your account and everything will be eliminated. The delete option will, for example, delete all the photos you had uploaded, the messages you had sent and any post you had on your Facebook timeline. With the delete option, you will be give a period of 30 days overrun. If you think otherwise, you can then cancel the account deletion process within this grace period. If you are firm with your option, then everything will be deleted once the grace period expires.

If you want to deactivate your Facebook account, the first thing you will need to do is to go to the information page. The information page will include the delete account button. Once you have selected the delete account option, two options will be presented. The two options are download your information and deactivate your account. For account deactivation, you will be asked to provide the reasons behind your decision. After that, your account will be deactivated and hence unsubscribed.

The option of deleting your account will prompt you to download any information you want. Then, you can proceed to the option of deleting your account. To delete your account, you will, however, need to enter your password details.

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